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Coming from a fashion design course, I have always had a taste for harmonious associations of very diverse materials. Very early on, I developed my attraction for different cultures, a passion that I nurture during many trips around the world. This is how I learned to reveal the beauty of things, from all origins, giving my creations a character that is both unique and authentic.


After several years abroad, it is today in France that I put my creativity to work to design new universes, as an interior decorator and designer of fashion accessories.

Through these collections, I want to promote craftsmanship and pay tribute to manual work.

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Moroccan craftsmanship: the sfifa


The sfifa is a weaving of Jewish origin, taken up and developed in the 1920s by the Moroccans. It therefore becomes an essential element of their traditional outfits, such as the caftan for women or the salham for men.

It is made of silk or scali thread, otherwise known as gold thread.

Today, this art continues to exist thanks to a few craftsmen whose know-how has been passed down from generation to generation. In the era of new technologies, the youngest generations are gradually moving away from traditions and abandoning learning the trades of patience and thoroughness.

The artisan I have chosen is among the best in Morocco. He lives in the city of Fez and works alone at home, in peace and in love for his job. Using his loom, created by him, it takes him a whole day to make 8 meters of braid.

Photographer: Adrien Lanskin

Model: Ophélie Dos Santos

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