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Nunki bracelets, boucles d'oreilles et lacets


    a fascinating inspiration... 

Tradition and Modernity



I have always been passionate about cultural traditions and crafts. The beauty and precision of the craftsmen's gestures fascinate and inspire me….

It was in Morocco, where I lived for several years, that I made my first collaborations with local artisans. First in the design of furniture and decorative accessories for a hotel in Fez; then in fashion by imagining dresses and kimonos.


Today, I keep collaborating with Moroccan weavers craftsmen. Their weavings in gold threads and silk threads, usually embroidered on caftans and salhams, immediately seduced me with their finesse and elegance. I then imagined a collection of jewelry that is inspired by Moroccan traditions, while bringing a touch of modernity.


Boucles d'oreille
lacets, artisanat
Bracelet chemin de vie
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